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Hack update

greencomputercodeThe story continues….

Late last week I got a number of emails from people around the ’webs complaining that I was spamming their blogs, which gave me the horrified, sinking feeling that I hadn’t actually eradicated all the hacked files. So once again I backed everything up and performed a complete reinstall of WordPress, my theme, and all my plugins. By now I’m a pro at that, so it actually didn’t take too long. But when threatening messages kept coming in telling me to stop spamming, I realized it was time to call in the professionals.

I remembered that one of the 7,000 pages I’d read recently on cleaning up a hacked WordPress site offered to help if your site cleanup was beyond your abilities. I scoured through my browser history and found Michael VanDeMar’s Smackdown blog. For a modest fee and 1–2 hours of work, he will go through your WordPress site and remove anything suspicious, restoring it to the natural, pristine site that God intended it to be in. Continue reading


Photo by Emily Webber
Photo by Emily Webber

If you’ve visited in the last few days, you would have noticed a sad-looking maintenance page and little else. And for a couple of weeks prior to that, a Google search of made it appear we had begun selling Accutane as a side business (it still does, until the Google bots return). Alas, both were the result of a common WordPress hack.

We’re back up and running, and I’m fairly certain all traces of malicious code have been removed. In the process, I’ve learned a good bit about common WordPress attacks and why WordPress security is necessary, even on a fairly obscure site like this one. Unfortunately, due to the popularity of WordPress and the naivete of some of its users (myself included), it’s not unusual for new bloggers to get attacked. The upside is that it’s also not hard to protect your site and make it significantly more difficult for hackers to get in. Here are a few tips.

And now that the site is back up, I’m working on a number of cool posts, including an in-depth analysis of “Bohemian Rhapsody” and numerous tips on melody, harmony, mixing, spotting, and working with directors. Stay tuned, and stay secure!