Music from Pistachios

Here’s an amazing piece of music created by composer and sound designer Brendan Hogan, producer of the Fractured sample library reviewed a few months ago. This time, the only instrument Brendan used was a bowl of pistachio nuts, which he then processed in Pro Tools and Kontakt:

Brendan also guest-authored a blog post on Designing Sound in which he reveals how he did all this (thank God). It’s a fascinating look at what you can accomplish with one sample and a lot of creativity. It’s also a great advertisement for the inspirational power of limitations. The accompanying YouTube walkthrough is below:

Next time you consider spending $500 on a hot new sample library, think about what you can do with the sounds in your own house first. It’s a lot cheaper, you’ll learn a ton, and nobody else will have those sounds in their cues.

One comment

  1. Adrian Ellis

    Wow – that had me completely riveted. You could devote essays to this stuff, not just from a creative perspective, but from a philosophical perspective. We are just a filter – life is our bowl of pistachios and we are the Kontakt engine that could potentially make it into a beautiful song – but so often we merely see a simple, ‘boring’ bowl of pistachios. ONE SAMPLE!!! Every single thing we do as creatives – each move – has a world of possibility. This is genius, I’m so inspired.