Software we love: ValhallaRoom

Reverb is an indispensable effect for anyone doing their own mixing (and don’t we all do our own mixing from time to time?). Finding the right reverb for the job can sometimes be tricky though. I can’t imagine ever having just one reverb that fills all my needs, but it’s great to have a few go-to units on hand as first-responders. ValhallaRoom is just such a plugin.

Created by Seattle’s own Sean Costello, ValhallaRoom is an algorithmic reverb with a clean, simple interface. Teakers will appreciate the wealth of controls, and the tweak-averse will find plenty of presets to play with. The Decay slider can be cranked up to an enormous 100 seconds, allowing for some massive-sounding effects. And the unique Depth slider lets you easily crossfade between early and late reflections, effectively moving the imaginary mic closer or further away.

The kicker with any reverb though are the algorithms, and ValhallaRoom has some great ones. Although it originally shipped with only four, Sean keeps adding new ones, and the current count is 10. These range from your standard Rooms and Chambers to the newest additions: Narcissus, Nostromo and Sulaco (all named for ships in various Alien movies). These later models are generally intended for larger, more soundtrack-like effects, which they excel at. Here’s Nostromo on a soprano sax, and no, that’s not a synth in the background. That’s the reverb tail:

Of course, ValhallaRoom performs just as admirably when used in a smaller, lighter setting. It’s got a classic, Lexicon-like vibe, and it easily holds its own against much pricier alternatives. Speaking of price, that’s the best part. It’s just $50. Go get your copy at For those that need more convincing, here’s some more praise.

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