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Tron Legacy Vs. Hanna

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I watched both Tron Legacy and Hanna recently. The two films are set in alternate realities where the main character is fighting some monolithic authoritarian entity, and both have scores composed by popular electronic duos who have never scored a film before. In one case the score is remarkably successful. In the other it’s disappointing at best.

I must admit, when I saw that The Chemical Brothers did the score for Hanna, I didn’t expect it to be very good. Not that I don’t appreciate their work. Quite the contrary. But as I’ve said before, film scoring is a tricky business, and novices don’t often get it right on the first go-round. With the score for Hanna, the Brothers don’t stray far from their usual format—electronica for rock fans—but that genre happens to suit the film perfectly, and they clearly grasp many of the subtleties of film music.

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