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Soundcloud 101

Here’s a great post from SCOREcast Online on the benefits of the Soundcloud online audio platform. I’ve been using Soundcloud for a couple of years and I still learned plenty. Whether you’re interested in using Soundcloud to get more work, track your online listeners or network and collaborate with other composers, the article is full of great tips. Author Oliver Sadie shares his own Soundcloud story and offers ideas from other users on how to maximize your presence, get more comments and likes, and even attract the attention of potential clients.

As Sadie says, “SoundCloud is a versatile and effective platform for composers and sound content creators of all kinds. It is arguably the next big thing in online audio….”

As a bonus, if you own Ableton Live 8 you’re entitled to a free Soundcloud Pro account for five months!

Blow Them Away

I watched Battle Los Angeles last night (good film; intense and fun). In the extras there’s a doc about the director, Jonathan Liebesman. If you haven’t heard of him, that’s not surprising. Battle LA was only his fourth feature. He wasn’t exactly an unknown in Hollywood, but he was still in a place where he needed to hustle to get this choice assignment.

Initially, the producers had no idea who would direct this $70 million blockbuster. They interviewed lots of directors, most more qualified than Liebesman. His knew this going in, so he decided to blow them away in the interview. He brought in five black bags filled with props and goodies he’d made. He had drawings of the soldiers and aliens, models he’d built, before and after photos of the soldiers in battle, storyboards of various scenes, and even a ten-minute computerized previsualization of one of the action sequences. He worked incredibly hard on these materials, but it paid off. None of the other directors could touch his presentation or his passion. The producers hired him immediately.

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Finding Scoring Jobs Online

Photo by Paul N

Here’s another great post from Film and Game Composers, listing sites where you can search for potential work. Well worth a read:

Possibly one of the most asked questions “I need experience in scoring to get a proper job doing it, but I can’t get experience, as I can’t find anyone anywhere who will let me score for them.”

We’ve all had this problem. Heres a list of sites where you can find jobs online.

Read the full article at Film and Game Composers.com.

How’s Your Website?

Does your website look this good?

I’m in the middle of redesigning my website. In the process, I’ve been looking around at other composer and musician websites to get some ideas and inspiration. And I noticed something interesting: film composer’s websites are, by and large, far less impressive and less engaging than those of bands and performing artists. Even those of famous, world-renowned composers look as though they were designed 10 years ago by a graphic design student or they have big “Coming Soon” notices on the home page. In this post I’ll show you some affordable options for improving your own website or creating a new one so it stands out from the crowd and hopefully gets you more work. (Filmmakers, this post focuses on composer websites, but much of the advice will work just as well for your sites.)

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