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Music from Pistachios

Here’s an amazing piece of music created by composer and sound designer Brendan Hogan, producer of the Fractured sample library reviewed a few months ago. This time, the only instrument Brendan used was a bowl of pistachio nuts, which he then processed in Pro Tools and Kontakt:

Brendan also guest-authored a blog post on Designing Sound in which he reveals how he did all this (thank God). It’s a fascinating look at what you can accomplish with one sample and a lot of creativity. It’s also a great advertisement for the inspirational power of limitations. The accompanying YouTube walkthrough is below: Continue reading

The Art of Music L.A.

Diego Stocco, one of the presenters at Sound=Music.

First, apologies for not posting in a while. I’ve got a symphonic debut at Benaroya Hall (Seattle’s version of Lincoln Center) on March 18th, and I’ve been incredibly busy proofreading the score and editing parts. But it’s generated a lot of post ideas, so there’s some good stuff coming down the pike.

I just heard about an awesome-looking series of events called The Art of Music that take place a few times a year at the Bleicher Gallery in Santa Monica. The next installment of this educational and networking event, entitled Sound=Music, focuses on composers whose work blurs the boundaries between sound design and music. Special guest Diego Stocco, famous for making instruments out of trees and flaming pianos, will lead a “master class” on sonic innovation. And at precisely 7:14, composer Nat Evans, known for his mesmerizing and evocative soundscapes, will perform a poetic accompaniment to the Santa Monica sunset.

The event will also feature excellent networking opportunities, an open bar, a raffle (allegedly with prizes you actually want), and some great giveaways. The event is limited to 150 attendees and usually sells out, so reserve your ticket now.

SoundWorks Collection

Here’s a cool website to check out: SoundWorksCollection.com. The site is mainly geared towards sound designers and not composers, but there are still a decent number of videos about music alone (or more often, sound and music).

Of particular note, there have been excellent videos recently on the music of Cars 2, The Fighter and 127 Hours, as well as the video games Angry Birds and Halo Reach. One quibble: clicking on Videos > Original Soundtracks doesn’t bring up a complete list of music-based videos, so you’ll need to search through the archives a bit to find the videos on film music.